Як выкарыстоўваць лічбавыя шыльды для аптэкі?

Table des matières IntroductionA screen in your store windowA screen in the center of your drugstore.A screen under the counterA screen above the counterConclusionDo you still have problems?Download our softwareSome articles that we like and you will like! IntroductionTechnology is becoming more and more important in our lives and that’s normal! First, it is much[…]

Эвалюцыя рэкламы

Table des matières IntroductionThe evolution of advertisingFrom antiquity to the Middle AgesFrom the invention of printing to todayWhat’s next?New technologies in the advertising fieldA technology within everyone’s reachUser-friendly softwareThe evolution of advertising precipitated by the coronavirus?the evolution of advertising and a declining print mediaQR codesSourcesDo you still have problems?Download our softwareSome articles that we like[…]

Чаму Easy Multi Display - лепшае праграмнае забеспячэнне для лічбавых шыльдаў?

Table des matières IntroductionThe functions of Easy Multi DisplayA user-friendly softwareThe software is regularly updatedWe listen to our clientsWe can train youThe priceDo you still have problems?Download our softwareSome articles that we like and you will like! IntroductionThe competition in the field of digital signage is raging and it is very difficult to tell the[…]

Якія асноўныя функцыі Easy Multi Display?

Table des matières 6 screens and 24 sourcesDisplay all types of files and folders on your screensDisplay YouTube videosThe Easy Multi Display remote controlThe “scheduling” functionThe “Text message” optionThe “Multi-users” option It would take hours to list all the features of a complete program, which is the case for Easy Multi Display, but we will[…]

5 спосабаў палепшыць працу кліентаў з дапамогай праграмнага забеспячэння для лічбавых шыльдаў.

Table des matières Inform customers of promotionsDisplay the weather forecastDisplay a visible and dynamic menu boardPresent your products at the entrance of your storeDisplay an educative video in a waiting roomEasy Multi DisplayConclusion It’s very easy to improve your customer experience with digital signage because it allows you to quickly and easily modify your content[…]

Што такое лічбавы дысплей?

Table des matières The digital signageWhat is the digital signage?Why use a digital signage display?Why is the choice of software important?So which software to choose? In this article we will explain what digital signage display is, how you can use it and with which software?Digital Signage DisplayThe digital signageWhat is the digital signage?Digital signage is[…]

Пастаўшчыкі лічбавых шыльдаў схаваных выдаткаў не рэкламуюць

Table des matières Hidden Cost #1: The CloudHidden Cost #2: Additional Hardware RequirementsHidden Cost #3: Requiring an Internet Connection Final Thoughts…Set up digital screens today with a FREE 30-day trial of Easy Multi Display Taking the plunge into digital signage is an exciting venture for any on-site business eager to enjoy its many benefits. But it’s[…]

12 лепшых пераваг лічбавых панэляў меню

Table des matières 1. Centralized control of menu board content 67.9%2. Better pricing flexibility 49.1%3. Lower costs to make menu changes 49.1%4. Increased customer satisfaction 47.2%5. Increased sales of promotional items 37.7%6. Improved operational efficiency 37.7%7. Better compliance with labelling laws 22.6%8. Higher check averages 20.8%9. Increased sales of high margin items 18.9%10. Improved order[…]

Як выкарыстоўваць лічбавыя дысплеі для росту кафэ ці рэстарана?

Table des matières Entice Customers with appetizing imagery Highlight special offersHarness the power of dynamic contentBe SocialTell your storyAdvertise other businessesGet Started today with a FREE 30 trial of Easy Multi Display How to use Digital Displays to grow your cafe or restaurant ? Digital signage has become more accessible with the drop in LED screen[…]

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